100 Marathons for Rory Gilmour

 I detested all sports when I was young and made every excuse to get out of them at school.  

It was in my mid twenties when the running bug hit me.  I was in a pub with some friends and I was ask to sign this "official" paper as a witness.  A few weeks later, I received confirmation on a place in the London marathon.  You guessed it, the "official" paper was a London marathon entry form.  I was determined to go through with the ordeal and thus the running bug came to me.   Basically, I run for enjoyment, keeping fit and to relieve stress.  Also, as I live in a village, I enjoy the nature of the countryside.  

I have also run ultra marathons, 25ks, half marathons and 10ks (some in other countries) .  I have run the Marathon des Sables and a few other desert runs which was a real experience meeting foreign competitors and exchanging culture differences.   I think that I am an oddball as I run better in hot conditions.  

I am running for Helen & Douglas Hospice ( a local charity)  and Leukemia Research (my father died of this disease) and as the magic one hundred marathon was looming up, I decided the Clarendon would be a good one to do.   Also, the race is one of the enjoyable ones I run (and I am not saying this to impress you.  I genuinely mean it  and this will be my third Clarendon marathon)  and the organization/marshalls are second to none.  

In the meantime, I have the Burnham Beeches half marathon in August, Chippenham and Reigate half marathons in September,  Oxford half marathon and Abingdon marathon in October (both local).