Alana Livesey won the first marathon she ever ran

You may find it hard to believe, but Alana entered last year’s Clarendon Marathon [2013] as a novice, never having run a marathon, or even a half marathon before, and to her delight and surprise, was the first lady over the winning line!

Although she has never participated in athletics in any meaningful way, after being pressed, Alana did somewhat reluctantly admit to having played Lacrosse for England, so at least she had had some experience of running fast, albeit over minimal distances compared with a marathon!

Running in the Clarendon last year has given her a taste for such events and she has since run two half marathons, Stafford and Coventry, and also the Exmoor Ironman 70.3 UK comprising a 1.6 Km swim, a 91 Km cycle and a cross country half marathon.

Having chosen the Clarendon because she had heard that the route passed though pleasant countryside, she was a little concerned that she might feel isolated and lonely. “It was not at all like that”, she says “because the encouragement from marshals and spectators alike was truly amazing. I would like to thank Rotary for arranging such great support which proved a major factor in my having a successful and enjoyable run”.

Alana is a medical student at Cambridge and is in the summer is off to Tanzania for two months to supplement her studies, but she hopes to be able to plan her movements such that she can run the Clarendon again this year.