Chapman IP Relay Team 2018

The slogan for the Clarendon Marathon has always been, “It's tough, but you'll love it!” and nobody would argue with that. But there's a clever way to make it a bit less “tough” and a lot more “lovable,” which is to split the distance four ways and enter a relay team. That's what the folks from our sponsor Chapman IP did in 2017 and this year they're getting ready for their return. You can read their story below:

Preparing to put their best feet forward, four staff from leading intellectual property firm Chapman IP ( are looking forward to running the relay in October. Patent attorneys Dr Catherine Bonner and Dr Vicky Pugsley, and trainee attorneys Rachel Pellatt and Dr Luke Tregilgas are training hard to raise money for the firm's chosen charity The Murray Parish Trust ( which does fantastic work fundraising for paediatric emergency medicine at Southampton General Hospital.

Vicky said: “This is the fifth time I'll be doing this race, and I'll be running the first leg, which is the only one I've not done before. So that means that it'll only have taken me four years altogether to run the whole course from Salisbury to Winchester. I don't think the front-runners will be suffering any sleepless nights over this…”

Describing herself as an enthusiastic, but out of practice runner, Catherine said: “I'm keen to raise money while doing something I enjoy. I loved running the Southampton half marathon earlier this year, and am looking forward to Clarendon!”

Rachel commented: “I have always been quite an active person and enjoy the great outdoors. Running for me is a really accessible way to get fresh air and head space, keep fit and explore new places. I have now been running for several years and what started off as a gentle plod around the park has resulted in me entering countless events and finishing my first marathon. To say it's infectious would be an understatement! I am excited to run Clarendon Relay Marathon with my colleagues (irrespective of how exceptionally hilly and tough parts of the course are) knowing it is in support of a wonderful charity. Let the training commence!”

Luke added: “I was extremely active in my youth, but in more recent years exercise and running have taken a backseat to other, more sedentary hobbies. Spurred on by the amazing cause of The Murray Parish Trust, and the enthusiasm of my colleagues, I recently dipped my toe back in the water and have once again acquired the running bug. For convenience I currently do all of my running on a treadmill (don't judge!), and so I am keen to test my pace (and my ankles!) running in the “real world”, especially given the uneven, hilly terrain of the Clarendon course!”

Grateful for the support provided by Chapman IP to the Murray Parish Trust, founder Sarah Parish said: “We are so thrilled that Chapman IP have chosen to support The Murray Parish Trust and are touched by how personal a decision this was by all the staff. We can't thank you enough.”