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Clarendon Photos for 2017 from Sussex Sports Photography will be available here after 1 October 2017


Clarendon Photos for 2016

We have put together an album of pictures taken along the route.  This album is divided up into 4 sections as follows:

1. For the start of the full marathon at Wyvern College, Laverstock, Salisbury, click here

2. For the section from Clarendon Palace to Kings Somborne please click here.

3. For the section from Kings Somborne to West Wood please click here.

4. For Ham Green and the finish at Kings School Winchester, please click here.

Many thanks to our photographers: James Larcombe, Joseph Bright, Kelvin Goodson, Sheila Bird, Charlie Martin, Lisa Fhithyan, Tom Evison, Jill Baker and Sussex Sports Photography.


More Photos from Sussex Sports Photography (2016)

Sussex Sports Photography have again been our official photographers for 2016.  They will shortly be loading up lots of excellent photos and runners will be able to enter their race number and see the photos where they appear.  These photos can then be purchased directly from Sussex Sport Photography.  Click the link below to find photos.

There are also photo galleries here. The start to Laverstock is here, Clarendon Palace to Kings Somborne is here, the killer hill to West Wood is here and Ham Green to the finish is here.
Clarendon Photo Album for last year 2015

To see the 2015 photos click one of the following four selections:
For the 2015 Salisbury to Broughton section click here.
For the 2015 Broughton to Farley Mount section click here.
For the 2015 Farley Mount to Winchester section click here.
For the 2015 finish in Winchester click here.

Earlier Clarendon Photo Albums for 2012, 2013, 2014

You can also see the albums from previous years:
For 2014 photos click here.
For 2013 photos click here.
For 2012 photos click here.