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Clarendon Marathon and Half Marathon: Salisbury to Winchester: Running or Walking

Overview of the Clarendon

If you are looking for a marathon which is off road, picturesque and challenging then running the Clarendon is the ultimate. Our route takes you from Salisbury to Winchester along the ancient Clarendon Way with a few extra turns here and there to make up a full 26.2 miles. More than 90% is off road, with the trail following country tracks and paths - many of which have not changed since being travelled by the ancient Kings and Queens of England.

In addition to the full marathon distance, we also have a half marathon event and this year we are also introducing a mini run of just 5 miles.  If you want to join us but are not able to run the full course, please feel welcome to get a team of 4 together and run in a relay or enter the mini and run in with us for the last 5 miles.

Our marathon event was first run in 1998. It was founded and organised by Paul Elderkin, a keen runner and member of a local Hash House Harriers Club. In 2012, Paul passed the management of the race over to the Rotary Clubs of Winchester and Salisbury. Preperations are now underway for the next race, which will be held on Sunday 2 October 2016. 




Online booking for 2016 is now open

The entry fee for 2016 is an inclusive one.  All entrants will be given a free medal and a free tshirt when they cross the finish line.  Use of the buses will also be included.
The prices for 2016 are:

  • £30 for the full marathon (26.2 miles)
  • £22 for the half marathon (13.1 miles)
  • £20 for the mini (5 miles)
  • £70 for a 4 person relay team

Online entries will close on Tuesday 20 September.  It will still be possible for runners to book on the day but an additional late fee of £10 (donation to Rotary charities) will be requested.

Clarendon coffee mugs can be preordered for £5 each.

A massage after the run can be preordered for £7.

If you wish to use the event as an opportunity to raise funds for your favourite charity, all the money that you raise can be put directly to your charity (100%).

Click here to go to the registration page and book your place.


Introducing our new event 'The Mini' only the last 5 miles!

Each year we get comments from runners who say 'I would love to run the Clarendon but I can only run short distances'.  This year we are introducing a new event which will allow runners to join us for the last 5 miles.  This run will start in the middle of Farley Mount Country Park at 1.45pm.  The cost will be £20 per ticket and this will include the cost of a bus pass to get there and when you have completed the run you will also be given a special tshirt and medal.  This is a great opportunity to join other friends that are running in the full event.  It will also be a good starting point for very young runners who would like to get a feel for what it is all about.  Maybe this year you can run the mini, next year the half marathon, and the year after you can attempt the full marathon distance.


Map of the route and GPX file

You can see a detailed map of the full marathon route by opening this external map page - it will open a new window in your browser.

In addition we also have a graph showing ascent and descent (hills and valleys).  Click here.

We have also created a GPX file of the Clarendon Marathon route, for those who know how, to download and upload to their GPS watch.

You can download the file here. Please be aware that you download any files at your own risk. While we do all we can to ensure no viruses or malicious scripts are present, you should always make sure you have the latest anti-virus definitions on your computer.

Results and Photos for 2015

Click here for full results for 2015.

Click here for a pdf download of the prizewinners for 2015.

Click here for photos from Sussex Sports Photography for 2015.

For an overview of the whole event see the 2015 photo album.
Click one of the following four album selections:
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For the 2015 Broughton to Farley Mount section click here.
For the 2015 Farley Mount to Winchester section click here.
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