Winners of the Clarendon 2018
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Winners of the Clarendon 2017
Full Marathon 26.2 Miles (female)
Female -1st, SUE SLEATH, Romsey Road Runners, 03:45:03
Female -2nd, VICTORIA SHAW, Club not known, 03:54:26
Female -3rd, LIZ GOLDSACK, Purbeck Runners, 03:55:59
Female 40-44 -1st, PAULA JONES, Calne Running Club, 04:15:06
Female 45-49 -1st, TAMATHA RYAN, Romsey Road Runners, 04:16:46
Female 50-54 -1st, SUE SLEATH, Romsey Road Runners, 03:45:03
Female 55-59 -1st, JANE DAVIES, Romsey Road Runners, 03:59:20
Female 60-64 -1st, ANNIE DOUGALL, Club not known, 05:20:14
Female 65-69 -1st, CAROL BRADWELL, Lordshill Road Runners, 06:05:41
Full Marathon 26.2 Miles (male)
Male -1st, RICHARD JOHNSTONE, Club not known, 02:54:11
Male -2nd, MATT KING, Club not known, 03:00:34
Male -3rd, MATTHEW HAMMERTON, Romsey Road Runners, 03:02:43
Male 40-44  -1st, WES JONES, Stubbington green, 03:25:58
Male 45-49  -1st, DAVID ROSS, 100 Marathon Club, 03:16:57
Male 50-54  -1st, MARK STILEMAN, Club not known, 03:15:02
Male 55-59  -1st, STEVE LOW, Blackwater Valley Runners, 03:19:07
Male 60-64  -1st, ANTHONY WILLIS, Eastleigh running club, 04:10:38
Male 65-69  -1st, KENNETH FANCETT, Beckenham RC, 03:59:00
Male 70+   -1st, DANNY KAY, 100 Marathon Club, 05:36:38
Half Marathon 13.1 Miles (female)
Female -1st, CAROLINE RALPH, Club not known, 01:42:57
Female -2nd, HANNAH HIRST Club not known, 01:48:21
Female -3rd, CHRISTINA JENKINS, Ful on Tri, 01:48:52
Female 40-49 -1st, SARAH WITT, WADAC, 01:54:00
Female 50-59 -1st, SUE VAN HUYSSTEEN, Newbury AC, 01:54:35
Female 60-69 -1st, VANESSA CARTER, Club not known, 02:21:14
Half Marathon 13.1 Miles (male)
Male -1st, MATTHEW RICHARDS, Club not known, 01:19:27
Male -2nd, JOHN STODDART, Club not known, 01:28:43
Male -3rd, WILL HARDING, Club not known, 01:28:36
Male 40-49 -1st, PETER SANSOME, WADAC, 01:29:54
Male 50-59 -1st, MATTHEW TANNER, Hardley Runners, 01:40:01
Male 60-69 -1st, NIGEL HEMSTED, Club not known, 01:44:40
Male 70+   -1st, CHRISTOPHER KERR, Club not known, 02:13:59
Mini Marathon 5 Miles
Female -1st, LAURA LIZIER, Club not known, 00:40:19
Marathon Relay (x4)
All female -1st, Sarah Shedden, Sarah Gurney, Susy Perry, Sam Parkinson, SClub4 (WADAC), 03:02:27
All male -1st, Dylan George, Paddy Turner, Jack Butt, Jordan Davies, Andover Athletics, 03:17:08
Mixed -1st, Matt Grote, Steve Cluett, Rob Porter, Jenny Grote, Hyde Rangers (WADAC), 03:26:36
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