Asia Zmyslona

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of races every year across UK. The reasons why we decide to take part in a specific one might be very different; because it is popular, it is challenging, it is really fast one.

A year ago I decided to run in Clarendon Marathon because I managed to find a transport there. I did not know anything about this race, I had never heard about it before, but then, I just started running in races and everything was new to me, I did not know anyone who runs and did not have much experience. I did not even have a running watch (well, I still do not have itJ). I only knew it was off road.

The minute I came to Salisbury I knew, I was in the right place. I fell in love with this race. I have never, ever met so many friendly people in one place. You can run wherever and whenever you want to, all you need, is some space and a bit of time. But if you want to run a race, you need people. And Clarendon Marathon is all about its people. People who sacrifice their time, so that we can run, who make sure, we are safe through the race, that we have enough water, that we do not get lost (well, I still managed to get lost a few times, but I am really talentedJ). But what is most important, they give us their support, their kindness and their hearts. All Marshals, all volunteers, were so friendly, so kind and so wonderful, that I cannot find words to say how grateful I was.

They were smiling, motivating us, giving us words of support, telling us, how great we were doing, checking if we were ok. Total strangers, people, we had never met before, and would probably never meet again, but for this few hours, they made us feel like if we were one big family, something amazing. I had never experience something like that. Each of them was wonderful. We would never be able to do it without them. I just hope, they know how much they mean to us.

Maybe not always we say thank you when we run, maybe not always we smile back, maybe not always we look at them, but it is not because we do not appreciate what they are doing for us; we are just sometimes so tired or so focused, that we just try to keep running and it is our main goal. But we do see marshals, we do appreciate their kindness, we do feel their support and we are really grateful, because every race is about people who create it. And Clarendon Marathon has wonderful people.

I thought it was just a coincidence I decided to run this race, but someone recently told me that everything happens for a reason. Well, I am not sure if everything, but I am sure that I ran a Clarendon Marathon for a reason-so that I could be a part of this incredible event, so that for this few hours I could be with this amazing people and feel this friendly atmosphere. I will always remember this race, it will always have a very special place in my heart and I am very happy I could run it.