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Parking and buses

There are buses from Winchester to Salisbury before the race and there are also buses from Winchester to Salisbury after the race. This means that you can park at the Winchester end, catch the bus and then run back. Or you can park at the Salisbury end (or Broughton), run the course and then catch the bus back to the starting place. You do not need to show a bus pass.  Please see the bus time tables further down this page.

Parking details are as follows:

Parking in Winchester

Please park at the free South Winchester Park & Ride (864 spaces) off Junction 11 of the M3 (not Junction 10) Location (SO21 2FG).  You will be bussed directly to the start from here. A free shuttle bus will also be in operation between the Park & Ride carpark and Kings School from 12.00pm to 4.15pm.  The drop off and pick up point is near the toilet block which is located in the middle of the car park.

For spectators we have parking at Kings School in the main car park and also at the Council Offices on Monarch Way (400m from Kings School).  If you are a runner, please do not park at Kings School.  Please do not park on any of the side roads.

Parking in Salisbury (Laverstock)

We are very grateful to Enovation who are allowing us to use the car parking area in the front of their company building. As a backup, there is also the London Road Park & Ride car park. Please note that there is no car parking space available at Wyvern School.

Parking at Enovation (SP1 1QZ). This is located approx 200m north from the School on the East side of the road. Use the car park at the front of the building (limited spaces).

Parking at the London Road Park & Ride car park (SP1 3JB). This is a longer walk being about 800m but the advantage of this car park is that it is an all weather facility and there is a lot of space. Once parked you will need to walk out onto London Road. Carefully cross the road and proceed in a southwesterly direction towards Salisbury. After about 200m you will come to some traffic lights. From here you need to turn left, recross the road and walk in a south easterly direction through the small housing estate and take the footpath that goes through the subway underneath the railway line. Follow the path continuing in this direction towards the playing fields and then out onto Church Road where you will be just opposite Wyvern School. This will take about 20 minutes to walk so please allow plenty of time. 

For a map of the general area Location click here. 

If possible, instead off parking at Laverstock, please consider parking at the Park & Ride in Winchester before the event and then catch our special bus to Salisbury.

Parking in Broughton


Half Marathon runner’s car parking  will once again be on the north side of the village. Many thanks to Dagan James of Broughton Water Buffalo for making his field available for us.  

To keep traffic in Broughton to a minimum please avoid driving through the village.  The location of the car park is near the postcode SO20 8AT.  If you are coming from the south along the B3084 (Salisbury Road) please stay on this road driving in a northerly direction.  Drive past the village green on your right, drive past the cemetery on your right, and then turn right at School Lane.  Continue down School Lane and at the bottom of the lane turn left and drive along North End approx. 200m following the green signs until turning right at the buffalo farm, driving for another 50m and then turn right into the field where you can park your car.

If you are coming from Salisbury (A30) you can drive down the B3084 until you reach School Lane on your left.  Turn left and continue down School Lane and at the bottom of the lane turn left and drive along North End approx. 200m following the green signs until turning right at the buffalo farm, driving for another 50m and then turn right into the field where you can park your car.

If you are coming from Winchester (A30) you can drive down Broughton Road and this will bring you directly to the car park.

This car park will be open from 10.30am. 

Once you have parked, walk into the village along the High Street and on down past the Greyhound Pub until you reach the village hall where you will be able to check in and collect your race number.

It's a 10 minute walk (800m) from the car park to the village hall. Registration in the village hall will be open from 10.45am.

Please do not park in the village.

Bus timetable

You can park your car at the free Park & Ride carpark at South Winchester before the race and take our bus to the start and then run back. Or you can park at the start, run to Winchester and then catch our bus back. There is no extra cost to use the bus and you will not be asked to show a bus pass.

Pre-Race Bus: Winchester to Salisbury for Full Marathon runners

  • 8.15am  1st bus leaves the South Winchester Park and Ride carpark (M3, Junction 11)
  • 8.30am  2nd bus leaves the South Winchester Park and Ride carpark (M3, Junction 11)
  • 8.45am  3rd bus leaves the South Winchester Park and Ride carpark (M3, Junction 11)

These buses will drive via the Romsey Road bus-stop, near Kings School Winchester, to pick up any runners who have not come by car (bus stop at the traffic lights, intersection of Romsey Road, Kings Road, Battery Hill).
These 3 buses will arrive at Wyvern School, Laverstock, Salisbury between 9.15am and 9.45am.
The full marathon will start at 10.30am.

Pre-Race Bus: Salisbury to Broughton for Half Marathon runners

  • 10.45am  After the full marathon has set off, a single bus will leave from Wyvern School and drive to the Half Marathon start at Broughton, arriving at around 11.15am. 

Pre-Race Bus: Winchester to Broughton for Half Marathon runners

  • 10.30am  1st bus leaves the South Winchester Park and Ride carpark (M3, Junction 11)
  • 10.50am  2nd bus leaves the South Winchester Park and Ride carpark (M3, Junction 11)

These buses will drive via Romsey Road bus-stop (near traffic lights, near Kings School Winchester) to pick up any runners who have not come by car.  If you come by train to Winchester you will have to allow for a 37 minute walk (1.7 miles) from the Winchester Railway Station to the Romsey Road bus-stop (or 5 minutes in a taxi).
These 2 buses will arrive at Broughton at around 11.00am and 11.20am.
The Half Marathon will start at 12.15pm

Pre-Race Bus: Winchester to Farley Mount Country Park for the new Mini (5 mile)

The bus for the Mini (5 mile) leaves South Winchester Park & Ride at 12.00, for Kings School.
Arrives at Kings School front gate at approx 12.15pm. 
Leaves Kings School at 12.30 and drives to Farley Mount Country Park arriving around 1.00pm at the car park that is near the 5 miles to go mark on the trail.
There are lots of car parks at Farley Mount.  The bus will arrive at the car park that is one of the middle car parks. 
This particular car park is close to the corner where the Sarum Road (East-West) intersects with the top of the Farley Mount Road.
From this car park the mini runners will walk down the hill to the start location which is on the trail (Grid Ref SU417294).
They will be able to watch some of the marathon runners coming  through, then the mini race will start at 1.45pm.

Post-race bus: From Kings' School Winchester

Free shuttle buses will operate from the front gate of Kings' School to take runners back to the South Winchester Park & Ride. These buses will operate approximately every 20 minutes from 12.00 until 4.30 and will also be free for spectators. 

Separate buses will be used to return runners to Broughton and Salisbury as follows:

  • 3.10pm 1st bus leaves Kings School for Broughton and Salisbury
  • 3.50pm 2nd bus leaves Kings School for Broughton and Salisbury
  • 4.30pm 3rd bus leaves Kings School for Broughton and Salisbury

If you are going home by rail, please note that we have not arranged for any buses to Winchester Railway Station.  The station is a distance of 1.7 miles from Kings School so you may be best to arrange a taxi.

It is assumed that all relay teams will be arranging their own backup transport among their team members. Members of relay teams can, if necessary, use the buses to get from Winchester to Salisbury or Broughton but not from Winchester to Middle Winterslow or Farley Mount.

Travelling by rail?

Winchester and Salisbury both have railway stations but Broughton does not.  If you are running the full marathon then the best route would probably be to get a train to Salisbury, then taxi from Salisbury to Wyvern School in Laverstoke.  It is approximately 3 miles from the Salisbury railway station to Wyvern School. Kings School is about 1.7 miles from the Winchester railway station. You would need to get a taxi from Kings School to the railway station.  Check train times carefully before planning a train journey as you might find that the early trains are not early enough so you might have to come the day before and find some accomodation for the night.

If you are going to run the Half Marathon you will need to get to Broughton for the start. It is probably best to go to Winchester Railway Station and then either walk up to Kings School or take a taxi (1.7 miles, 37 minutes walking or 5 minutes in a taxi).  Then catch our bus from the bus stop on Romsey Road near Kings School and travel to Broughton. There will be 2 buses passing through at approximately 10.35am and 10.55am.

Parking for Relay transition stations

Relay transition 1 - Middle Winterslow Sports Field (OS Grid Ref SU 237328, SP5 1RD). Please park in sports field on the west side of the village. Please avoid driving through the village of Winterslow, instead please enter and exit on the west side of the village and travel via the A30. There are no buses.

Relay transition 2 - Broughton, Rectory Lane (OS Grid Ref SU 308330, SO20 8AB). Please enter and leave Broughton via the A30 on the north side of the village.  Then follow the signs for parking.

Relay transition 3 - Farley Mount Monument (OS Grid Ref SU 407292).  Please avoid driving through Kings Somborne as the traffic will be very congested and you might not make it in time.  You will need to drive along the A30 to Stockbridge and then continue straight ahead on the B3049 towards Winchester.  Then take the right turn to Little Somborne, then Ashley and then Farley Mount Monument. Please note that Farley Mount has very limited car parking. Please take care to avoid any runners as the course crosses the road at this point. There are a number of car parks located beside the road to the east of Farley Mount. Please allow plenty of time to get to the relay transition point. Please note that we are not running any buses to, or from, the relay transition stations at Winterslow or Farley Mount. 

Traffic congestion

If you have supporters who are driving, it is recommended that they do not drive around the route (Pitton, Winterslow, Broughton, Houghton, Kings Somborne, Farley Mount etc).  The roads and villages along the route tend to get very congested with traffic and in some cases all the cars can end up at a standstill, especially at Kings Somborne.  It is much better if your supporters drive to Winchester, have a look around the historic city and then drive to Kings School to meet you when you finish

What is the minimum age to run the Clarendon Marathon?

On the Clarendon we do not enforce a minimum age however it should be noted that, if you are under the age of 18, running a full 26.2 miles could be very bad for you.  Running a half marathon of 13.1 miles could be very bad for you if you are under the age of 16.  Generally a much better alternative for young people is to either run in the 'Mini' (5 miles) or get together in groups of 4 and enter the marathon as a 4 person relay team.  This gives you all the fun of being in a marathon but at the same time keeps the risks to a minimum.  On the Mini (5 mile) or on a relay segment, we recommend that children under the age of 11 should be accompanied by an adult. 

Can I wear headphones?

Headphones are banned on many running events particularly events that are held on roads.  If you are wearing headphones and listening to music it may be difficult to hear other noises around you such as approaching vehicles.  On the Clarendon we recommend that runners do not wear headphones but we do not ban them.  Runners may wear headphones if they wish to.  

Responsibility and Liability

Runners participating in the Clarendon events do so at their own risk.  This event is organised by volunteers and we all do as much as we can to make the event as safe as possible but the event is not totally safe.  Please note that we do not count the runners out at the start and we do not count them in at the end.  If a runner starts to feel unwell during the event we ask that you make this known to one of the many marshals on the course, who will do their best to help you.  If you are feeling unwell please do not leave the course and do not rest in the woods because if you collapse inside the cover of the trees it is very unlikely that you would be found.  We ask that all runners act responsibly at all times and please look out for any other runners who may be in difficulty and may require help.


There are toilets at the start at Wyvern College but as most of the route is cross country there is very little in the way of facilities after that.  For full marathon runners there are some limited toilet facilities at the sports pavilion at Winterslow which is the first relay change.  There are limited toilets at  the Sports Club as you are coming into Broughton (on your left as you start coming down the long hill, Buckholt Lane).  In Broughton itself there are toilets for the Half Marathon runners at the village hall and some portaloos behind the hall.  We will have a portaloo sited at Farley Mount Monument Carpark (Grid Ref SU407293) which is the final relay change location.  And lastly we will have a toilet as you are coming out of West Wood (south side near the road, Grid Ref SU424294).  After that the next toilets are at the finish at Kings School Winchester.

Race numbers

Race numbers are not posted out before the race.  Instead they will be issued to you on the morning of the race.  If you are a relay team and you are all meeting at the start then this will be no problem but if you are intending to all travel seperately, it may be better to get your race numbers the day before.  On the Saturday the timing team will be at Kings School Winchester in the afternoon between 1.00pm and 3.00pm.  Please go to Kings School between 1.00pm and 3.00pm and your set of 4 race numbers should be available.

On the day of the race (Sunday), please allow plenty of time to sign in and collect your race numbers before the race starts. 
For the marathon, registration at Wyvern School in Laverstock opens at 7.30am. 
For the half marathon registration at the village hall in Broughton opens at 11.00am.
For the mini (5 mile) registraion is at the bus stop at the main gate of Kings School Winchester at 12.15pm.

Marshalling and route markers

The Rotary Club and a large number of volunteers will be marshalling the whole course. Please obey the marshalls at all times. In addition to marshalls, there will be direction indicator signs at all junctions.

If you are not running, would you be interested in helping out by being a marshal? If you would like to know more, please contact JJ Heath-Caldwell on 01962 761 565 or by email to

The route does cross the road at a number of points. These points are all marshalled to reduce the likihood of any accidents but please look out for cars and only cross when it is safe to do so.

Due to the nature of the course, there will be no lead vehicle however there will be cyclists leading and following up in the rear.


It is very important that you have some warm clothes to put on after the race, so please do bring these together with a bag to put them in.  In the past we have given every runner a large black plastic bag to put their belongings in.  This has meant that a large number of plastic bags went straight into the rubbish bin after the race.  Can we ask all runners to bring your own bag this year please.  We will give you a tag for you to write your race number onto.  Please then tie this to your bag.  Then put your bag onto the bag bus.  Your bag will be transported to the finish at Kings School where you will be able to collect it later on.  You will also want to have a small amount of cash to buy hot food or a massage at the end but please do not put large amounts of cash or high value items into the your bag.  Please note that we do not accept any liability for possessions that get lost. 

Kings' School has changing facilities and showers.  However, please be aware that the showers are very limited and the hot water usually runs out fairly quickly.  If you wish to have a shower please use as little hot water as possible.  This will mean more hot water for the people having showers after you.

Massage Service

A massage is available after the event for £10.  This can be prepaid or paid on the day. Please find us at the finish in Winchester by following the signs from the finish area to the gymnasium.  After completing a simple Massage Disclaimer and questionnaire, you will be shown to the next available masseur.  You will then receive a very beneficial 10 minute leg massage.  If you are a masseur and you would be interested in joining out team, please contact


We do allow runners to bring their dogs with them on the Clarendon however we do have some restrictions.  Wyvern School and Winchester School, like all schools, do not allow dogs on their grounds for health and safety reasons.  We ask all dog owners to have their dogs on the school grounds only for the minimum of time.  Please do not use the school grounds as a general walking area before the race or after the race.  Can we also ask spectators not to bring dogs onto the school grounds.


All competitors must respect both the highway and country codes. In the event of any traffic and/or road restrictions, rights are reserved to alter the course of the route without notice. The organisers cannot therefore be held responsible if the distance is not exact, but assure all competitors that it will be as accurate as possible.

Cancellations and Deferrals
(and what do we do with your money?)

This event is organised by the Rotary Clubs of Winchester and Salisbury.  We are all volunteers and we provide our time free.  Our objective is to provide an event that will be good fun for everyone to take part in, whether running, walking or marshalling.  Your participation together with your entry payments is what makes this event possible.  Hopefully the event will also make a small profit and this money is paid into the Rotary charities fund.  Donations are then made to all the charities who help out with marshalling at the event and we also make donations to other charities and good causes.

If for any reason you are not able to make the event on the day, your entry payment will be treated as a donation to Rotary charities.  However, we do allow runners to defer their entry to the following year if they wish to.  If you find you will not be able to make the event please contact us as soon as possible and request to have your name added to the deferral list.  This needs to be done before the end of August.  Cancellations in September or October will not be treated as deferrals.  If your name has been added to the deferral list, please contact us again next year to book a free place.


We have a number of prizes for the different categories.  Top of the list will of course be the categories: full marathon and the half marathon.  For these events we will have prizes for first, second and third male and first, second and third female. 

In addition we will also have prizes for the first male and first female in the following age categories:

  • Full marathon; 5-year age categories eg under 40, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70 plus.
  • Half marathon; 10-year age categories eg under 40, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 plus.

For the relay we have a first prize for the following teams.

  • First relay team (mixed sex)
  • First relay team (all male)
  • First relay team (all female)

Many thanks to the following who have donated prizes:
Norton Manor Hotel
Alexandra Sports
Manow Thai Restaurant
3V Natural Foods


Full results will be available on the internet via the link:

We also have special prizes for people who have participated in more than 5 or more than 10 Calarendon events.  If you would like to claim a 5 year or a 10 year award please contact JJ Heath-Caldwell (


Along the route we have 13 welcome stations providing cups of water and top ups from jugs.  The welcome stations on the second half of the route (Broughton to Winchester) will also be providing bananas (curtesey of Fifes  Over the last quarter from Farley Mount the welcome stations will have extra food.  In addition to providing bananas, we will have a variety of items to keep you going (supplied by Harestock Bakery  There will also be jelly beans.  All of these are in limited quanitities so please run as fast as you can to make sure you don't miss out.  At the end of the race, at King's School, we will also have excellent burgers for sale provided by the Kings School PTA and you will also be able to buy teas and coffees provided by Winchester Youth Counselling (

Please help us to reduce plastic waste: Water cups

In the past we had been using approximately 10,000 plastic cups every year but last year we managed to reduce this to 6,000.  This year we want to reduce this further.  All the water stations are stocked up with cups of water that can be quickly picked up, used and discarded.  If you are a fast runner and you are going for a quick time, we will have cups of water waiting for you, same as in previous years.

If you are not going for the fastest possible time, please consider the following alternatives.

Pick up a cup at the first water station, drink the water but do not discard the cup.  Hold onto the cup for the rest of the event.  It is not very heavy, so just carry it with you.  At each water station ask one of the marshals to refill your cup.  The marshals at the water stations will be standing by with jugs of water for this purpose.

The other alternative is to bring your own cup or your own water bottle.  At each water station ask one of the marshals to give you a top up.

Please do not discard empty cups along the route.  Please use the rubbish bins or give any unwanted cups to one of the marshals.


We have appointed Sussex Sport Photography to take official photographs of the event.  In addition we will also be building up an album of shots taken by many of the marshals along the route.  For more info see: