Terms and Conditions

The Clarendon Marathon and associated events take place on the first Sunday of October each year.  The event is organised by the Rotary Clubs of Winchester and Salisbury together with a large number of volunteers.  The objective is provide an opportunity for participants to take part in a journey by foot from Salisbury to Winchester.  We also wish to use this event as a fund raising activity to raise money for a large number of good causes.

In more detail

On the day of the event we have a large number of marshals along the route to help make the event as safe as possible for all the participants.  However, running or walking a long distance does have dangers. Participants are asked to act responsibly at all times.

It should be noted that we do not count participants out and count participants in.  If you are participating and you feel unwell please ask for help from one of the many marshals or ask for help from one of the runners.  

Some of the trail is through forest.  If you are feeling unwell please do not leave the trail and sit in the forest.  If you leave the trail and collapse in the forest it is very unlikely that you will be found.  Please stay on the trail and ask a marshal or a fellow runner for help.

We do have temporary road closures on some of the roads.  However, please note that in most situations cars have right of way.  Please look left and right before crossing any road junctions.

Your personal details.  We do not sell or pass on your personal contact details to any other third parties.  Your contact details are added to the Clarendon mailing list for email correspondence.  You can remove your details from our mailings at any time by clicking unsubscribe however we recommend that you do not unsubscribe as we will then not be able to communicate with you.

Once entered into a Clarendon event your name will appear on the website on the bookings to date page.  Your name and event is viewable by the public. No other details are shared with the public. After the event you name will appear on the results list together with your time but no other details.

We do not ban the use of headphones however we recommend that runners do not wear headphones as this will reduce your ability to hear and sense any possibly dangers such as motor vehicles approaching road crossings.

On the Clarendon we do not inforce a minimum age however it should be noted that, if you are under the age of 18, running a full 26.2 miles could be very bad for you.  Running a half marathon of 13.1 miles could be very bad for you if you are under the age of 16.

We have lots of photographers taking photographs during the event.  Some of these photographs may be published later on. We make the assumption that all runners are happy for us to do this.

As organisers we do our best to act responsibly at all times but unforeseen problems do occur from time to time.  If you want to participate in a 100% safe environment, you don’t want to be photographed and you do not want your name to appear anywhere, then this event will not be suitable for you.