Event Info

  • The Clarendon Way Marathon (Laverstock/Salisbury to Winchester) - starting at 10:30am (earlier start of 8:00hrs for walkers and 9:30hrs for very slow runners). Cost £35.00.
  • The Clarendon Way Half Marathon (Broughton to Winchester) - starting at 12:15pm (earlier start of 11.45am for walkers).  Cost £25.00.
  • The Clarendon Way Relay x4 Marathon (Laverstok/Salisbury to Winchester) - starting at 10:30am.  Cost £80.00.
  • The Clarendon Mini (last 5 miles only. Farley Mount Country Park to Winchester) - starting at 1.45pm.  Cost £20.00.

Full Marathon

The Full Marathon starts from Wyvern College, Laverstock, Salisbury (SP1 1RE).  The run mainly follows the Clarendon Way setting off through the Clarendon Estate and then on through the villages of Pitton, Winterslow and Broughton. Broughton is the midway point where the Half Marathon runners join the course. From here the route takes you through to Houghton and then across the River Test to Kings Somborne, then on up to Farley Mount, down through the woods and eventually on to the finish at Kings' School, Winchester (SO22 5PN). The route is mostly off-road, is tough and challenging but possibly one of the most scenic races you'll ever enter.

Registration is open from 7.30am. Runners should allow plenty of time to pick up their race numbers.

The full marathon starts at 10:30am.  Marathon runners should aim to reach the half marathon start point in Broughton in less than 2hrs 45mins i.e. by 13:15pm.

There is also an option to make an early start at Wyvern School at 8:00am or 9:30am (instead of 10:30am) if you are planning to walk the route or jog very slowly (please let us know when you book if you require an early start). Participants can only take the early start time if they are very slow and anticipate arriving at Winchester after 3:00pm but no later than 4:00pm.  Participants taking the 9:30 start should only do so if they are likely to need more than 5 hours to complete the course.  There are no prizes applicable for early starters. If you are a fast runner please do not take the early start as the marshals and the various support teams will not be in place. 

Buses are available pre-race and post-race depending on your requirements however please note that there are no pre-race buses available for the early starters.  Early starters will need to transport themselves to Laverstoke, run the course to Winchester, then take the post-race bus.

The first runners are expected to arrive at the finish line at Kings School in Winchester at approx 1:15pm.  We hope that all the runners (and strollers and walkers) will complete the course by 4.00pm at the very latest.


Relay marathon (x4)

The Relay Marathon follows the same course as the full marathon. It comprises a four-stage relay, each leg being an average of 6.5 miles in length but they are not equal lengths.  The first leg is approx 10.5km, second leg is 10.4km, third leg is longest at 12.3km and the fourth leg is the shortest at 9.0 km.  The third leg is the most challenging as, in addition to being longer in distance, it also has a greater hill climb in height.  The fourth leg is the easiest as it is the shortest and some of it is down hill.  The relay marathon starts at 10.30am. 

Teams can be mixed sex, all male or all female.  We have prizes for the winning team in each of these categories.

Registration at Wyvern School, Laverstock, is open from 8.00am.  Most teams all meet together at the start and have their own support vehicle.  Each team will be given four race numbers, one for each team member.  Please note that we do not post race numbers out.  If you are not intending to all start as a team, but instead intend to all make your own way to the start locations, it will be preferable for you to collect your race numbers before hand.  We will allow teams to pick up their race numbers the day before at Kings School in Winchester between 1.00pm and 3.00pm.  Please ask for Simon Farrington.

We do not supply buses to cover the relay transistions, however relay runners can use the existing buses if the time table and route works out to be useful.

The relay change over points are as follows (click for maps):

Relay Support Vehicles: How to avoid traffic jams.

As a general rule, please avoid driving on the country roads directly between the locations.  These narrow roads will become very congested.  Instead, please use the top road (the A30).
In more detail:
To help reduce road traffic congestion in the Middle Winterslow area can we ask all support personel to please enter via West Winterslow using the A30, Firs Road, The St, The Plantation, The Sports Ground.
When leaving, please do not exit by going further into Winterslow along Middleton. Instead please exit by reversing your journey back along The Plantation, The St and then up to the A30.
Once you are on the A30 you will be able to travel east and then turn right onto the B3084 and travel south down towards Broughton. 
Turn left at School Lane and follow the signs to the car park. 
When leaving Broughton, drive north east up to the A30 and head to Stockbridge.
Please avoid travelling through Kings Somborne as the traffic here grinds to a halt. 
Travel east along the A30 and drive through Stockbridge.
After the roundabout on the east side of Stockbridge, continue directly ahead, along the B3049 in the direction of Winchester (do not turn right onto the A3057 towards Stockbridge).
Please continue east along the B3049 in the direction of Winchester and then turn right onto Somborne Park Road which will take you down to Little Somborne. 
At Little Somborne, turn right and then turn left to Ashley and onto Farley Mount Monument.
From Farley Mount Monument, please continue east towards Winchester. 
At the cross road, in the dip, turn right onto Sparsholt Road and head south.
Turn left onto Enmill Lane and then left onto the A3090 heading to Winchester. 
At the large roundabout, take the first exit and head towards Winchester for 100m and then turn left into the Pitt Park & Ride. 
Park your car here. 
Then walk approx 1km (10 minutes) along Romsey Road and at the second traffic light, turn left up to Kings School.
We have limited parking at King's School (Monarch Way) and we try and keep this for spectators. 
From 2.00pm onwards, most of the spectators will have parked but there may still be space so you may wish to try it.
Instead of parking at Pitt, continue towards Kings School and park in the council building car park on Monarch Way. 
If there is no parking available, drop your passengers at Kings and then drive back to Pitt Park & Ride.


Half marathon

The Half Marathon starts at 12:15pm in Rookery Lane, near the village hall, in Broughton (SO20 8AX), and continues along the marathon course to finish at Kings' School in Winchester.  There is also an earlier start time for walkers only at 11.45am.  

Registration opens at 11.00.  Runners should allow plenty of time to pick up their race numbers.


Mini (the last 5 miles only)

The mini start location is on the main trail in the middle of Farley Mount Country Park (Grid Ref SU417294).  Participants in the 'Mini' will have the opportunity to cheer the early runners and then join the main pack an hour later.  The first runners from the main event are expected to be passing through this location from 12:45pm. 

The bus from Winchester carrying the mini runners will arrive at about 1.00pm and the mini runners will be able to watch some of the marathon runners going through.  The mini will then set off at 1.45pm. 

Registration will take place at the bus stop near the main gate of Kings School Winchester at 12.15pm.

It is generally recommended that you take the bus as parking at Farley Mount is limited.  However, if you wish to make your own way to Farley Mount you will be able to register when the bus arrives around 1.00pm.

See bus time table section for more detailed infomation http://www.clarendon-marathon.co.uk/more-info


Kids Race (free)

We will hold a fun race for young children who are waiting with their parents at Kings School Winchester.  This will be a very informal event, it is free and you do not need to pre-book.  We are planning to set the children off at approx 12.30 for a short race within the school grounds.  All the participants will be finished in plenty of time to see the marathon runners who will be arriving from about 13:15 onwards.



You can see the marathon route by clicking here.


Cut off times

If on the day you find you are running very slowly, you may be directed by a marshal to leave the course and accept a lift to Winchester.  We have a large number of marshals along the route and it is not fair to keep them out on the course for an extended period.  To be allowed to stay in the race you must make it to the drinks stations by the required times.  Please see these times listed below.  Please note that if you are a slow runner you should consider taking one of the earlier starts to ensure you reach the drinks stations within the cut off time.


Drink stations and Cut Off Times

Drink stations are located at the following locations.  In the past these have been good places for spectators to see the runners but due to the traffic congestion in the area we are now asking spectators not to drive around the course hoping to see their friends.  Instead, if you are a spectator, please go direct to Kings School.

Please note the cut off times listed below for each drinks station on the second half of the course.  Please ensure you stay ahead of these times.  If you find the going difficult and you slip behind these times, please speak to a marshal and request a lift to save time.

  • Station 1 - Clarendon Estate (near the palace ruins), Grid Ref SU181301.
  • Station 2 - Pitton Village Hall, Grid Ref SU213312.
  • Station 3 - Winterslow Recreation Ground, Grid Ref SU237328. 
  • Station 4 - Buckholt Farm, Grid Ref SU277322. 
  • Station 5 - Broughton, Rectory Lane, Grid Ref SU308330.
    Cut off time 13:15.
  • Station 6 - Houghton, Grid Ref SU338316.
    Cut off time 13:40.
  • Station 7 - Kings Somborne (near The Old Vicarage), Grid Ref SU361311.
    Cut off time 14:00.
  • Station 8 - Ashley Road, Grid Ref SU390297.
    Cut off time 14.30.
  • Station 9 - Farley Mount Monument, Grid Ref SU407292.
    Cut off time 14:45.
  • Station 10 - West Wood (on the northern side), Grid Ref SU418304.
    Cut off time 15:00.
  • Station 11 - West Wood (south side, near the road), Grid Ref SU424294.
    Cut off time 15:15.
  • Station 12 - Ham Green, Near the Cattery, Grid Ref SU435306.
    Cut off time 15:25.
  • Station 13 - Pincent Scout Camp Entrance, Grid Ref SU451297.
    Cut off time 15:50.

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