Steve Feeney: Clarendon The Movie.

Well, it all started at a Rotary lunch.  I was a visitor and someone asked me what I do.  I proudly told them that I make videos and provide camera services to several organisations (   I mentioned that among other work, I have the contract to film national cycling time trials championships around the country.

A short while later JJ introduced himself and asked if I’d be interested in making a video of the Marathon this year.  October is a less busy time for me so I was happy to get involved.

The initial plan was to put together a three minute review of the race, but that was before JJ’s infectious enthusiasm took hold! Now, the marathon video has morphed into “Clarendon – The Movie”.  We’ve managed to persuade Lyndon Thomas of Thoma-Hawk ( to join the team and he’s going to get some great aerial shots.  Lyndon is a qualified drone pilot and very professional.  I’m looking forward to working with him and seeing his work.

We’re also in discussion with Aidie from Fatboy Motor Cycle Training ( to see if we can use a motorbike to film tracking shots on the course.

JJ will be running on the day and he’ll be wearing my GoPro camera to get some “point of view” shots.  He’s also asked the team of official photographers to take some video footage from their vantage points during the day. We’re keen to hear from any other runners who own a GoPro or similar action camera and are happy to wear it whilst they’re running.

Then, the mighty edit will begin.  First the three minute review will come out a couple of days after the race.  That will be followed, a while later, by the blockbuster.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from anybody who’s entered the race and as a story to tell. Perhaps you’re running for a charity and would like to publicise your fund-raising efforts.  Perhaps this is your fiftieth marathon, or maybe a major life event has led you to take up running.

Please email me at, and if your story is selected, I’ll arrange to come and talk to you on camera.

And if you’re a volunteer or on the organising team, and you see me around on the day, please don’t be shy – I would love to chat to you too!


This movie project all came together with exceptionally good results.  If you were in the event please click the full 43 minute version.  If you are short of time just have a quick look at the 3 minute version.

Click here for the 3 minute video (Trailer for Clarendon The Movie)

Click here for the full 43 minute video (Clarendon The Move 2017)