Winners Clarendon 2017 All Male Relay Team

Jordan, Dylan, Paddy, Jack

Andover Athletics Club

(also in the above picture Dominic Hiscock, Winchester Rotary President)

Some of you may remember the photos of last year’s winning relay team from Andover Athletics Club – instead of the group of hardened veterans that you might have been expecting, they were a set of fresh-faced schoolboys with an average age of just 15.


Team member Dylan takes up the story:

We found out about the Clarendon Marathon Relay through one of our coaches and were immediately interested in the challenge. With only a few weeks of training to go, we piled up the mileage. We all pushed each other during training, knowing on the day we’d need to be in the best shape possible to challenge the other teams. Having discussed our positions we decided on Paddy first, then Jordan, Jack (on the gruelling third leg) and me (Dylan) last.

We arrived with optimism and nerves and met outside the registration hall to collect our numbers and tracker. Walking through the hall made the nerves increase as we saw the adult teams. In comparison we were puny, with an average age of just 15.

We took a jog to the start line where we joined Paddy for a warm up, while discussing our predictions and thoughts. We watched Paddy go off fast and headed to the first change, where Jordan would take the second leg.

We waited apprehensively to see where Paddy would come in. We saw the blue and white Andover Athletics vest run up the field in first place! Jordan took the baton in a commanding lead as we rushed to the second changeover. Just in time for Jack to take the team’s hopes out (still leading) onto arguably the ‘worst’ leg.

I was next at changeover three, the top of Farley Mount. Jack came in still with a big lead and saw me head down the hill. The last leg was underway as the other three made their way to the finish line. They waited nervously, but finally I came through in first place to take the relay title! Jubilation was written on all our faces as we were ushered to take drinks and food. We were asked questions by journalists and photographed.

It’s all a blur now, but we went on to enjoy our winnings, and we now look back on it as one of our fondest running memories.

Thank you to all the Clarendon Marathon team for the amazing experience. We are excited to return this year!