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Clarendon 2018: Anna's Story, leg 2,3,4!

The Clarendon Marathon was obviously a marathon event but it also allowed runners to join as a team of four and run the race as a relay too. I'd signed up with three others from my running group (Hedge End Running Club). My leg was number 3 but was "only" 7.6 miles. This would be fine but in reality I needed more as I was marathon training. I also didn't want to run a mega long run the day before as I wanted a lie-in and had plans.


Chapman IP Relay Team 2018

The slogan for the Clarendon Marathon has always been, “It's tough, but you'll love it!” and nobody would argue with that. But there's a clever way to make it a bit less “tough” and a lot more “lovable,” which is to split the distance four ways and enter a relay team. That's what the folks from our sponsor Chapman IP did in 2017 and this year they're getting ready for their return. You can read their story below:

Sandhurst Joggers Relay Team

Sandhurst Joggers are a social running club from Berkshire. Their busy schedule is recorded in their Twitter feed (@SandhurstJogger) and their blog of race reports ( In 2017 they entered a mixed relay team for the Clarendon Marathon, and this is how it went:

Stuart Mann

Stuart Mann Completed the Clarendon in 2017

If you take a look at Stuart Mann's twitter feed (@runningmann100) you get the impression of a typically outdoorsy South African lifestyle, with non-stop sunshine and races that take in the Cape Winelands, game reserves (watch out for the elephant poo!) and the Kalahari Desert. So how did he find the 2017 Clarendon Marathon – a year that was, shall we say, “good for mud”?


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